Dogknows dog walking & training gives your dog the best in life!

We have provided exceptional dog care, reliable service & expert guidance since 1999.

Dogknows Dogs Are In Safe Hands

We start with a culture of kindness and create caring and skilful dog walkers who carefully match dogs that thrive in each others company. That's how we know that every dog feels safe and happy on a Dogknows dog walk designed especially for them.

So, whilst you follow your routine your dog enjoys the health and vitality a dog walk can bring and our specially designed 'Play & Train' puppy care and training programmes will help prepare your puppy to become a great pet. 

Our team of dog specialists in Central South LondonGreenwichBromley /Croydon and Windsor/Eton provide both the physical and mental nourishment for your dog whatever their age, so they get the best from life!

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The Dogknows difference

Leading the way in the dog care market we offer knowledge-led and skilled-based services and incorporated into each dog & puppy care service is our Everyday Dogknows Training Programme. By using kind, force-free handling we bring out the best in your dog! 

We are delighted and immensely proud to have been recognised as a Practitioner Organisation for the ABTC. Our dog care givers can now work towards becoming Registered Animal Training Instructor.

The ABTC promotes the welfare of animals in their interactions with humans, lobbying for humane methods in training and behaviour modification, and for the education of the animal owning public. Learn More about ABTC

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