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Your enquiry will be forwarded to your local Dogknows Owner & Manager and they will be in touch shortly.  

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Please e-mail us and tell us a little bit about your dog, the number of days you need support each week and whether you are interested in our:

  • Dog Walking services,
  • Puppy 'Play & Train' Visits, or our
  • Socialisation Walks


How We Use Your Personal Details:
Your personal details from this initial enquiry will never be used on a separate database or passed to a third party. If you prefer to contact your local Dogknows Manager by phone please refer to the list below or for more general enquiries contact Dogknows Central. 

Dogknows Central Office Details:

Postal Address:

Unit 1A, Woodgate Stables,
Crawley Lane,
King's Bromley,
DE13 7JF

Tel: 01664 454 792

Office opening hours:
Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 4 pm

Dogknows Ltd: Registered in England  (no: 07499593)
Registered Office: 8 Twisleton Court, Priory Hill, Dartford, Kent,  DA1 2EN