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Puppy Training with Dogknows

At Dogknows, all our services incorporate kind, reward-based training skills and specific training plans are tailored for your puppies on our Play & Train Service & Socialisation Walks. Please contact your local Dogknows manager for more information.

In addition we offer online educational consultations and training courses to help you access the training and expertise you need - all from the comfort of your home:

Perfect for all new puppy parents of 8-12 week old puppies.

This private online consultation provides educational training and behavioural support for puppies from 8 weeks old and takes new puppy owners through the essential steps of early puppyhood to learn how to avoid the common mistakes that can soon lead to unwanted behaviour. You will learn about house training, managing play biting, chewing, nighttime success, and much more. This consultation ncluded is a free e-book covering everything discussed.
Give your puppy the best start in life!
Consultation Fee:  Online Only - £135 Book Here

2. How To Manage Puppy Play Biting - (Online)
Ouch!! Essential help for new and first time puppy parents! 

Play biting is a natural behaviour which your puppy will think is acceptable unless taught otherwise. This doesn't happen overnight but takes a series of consistent actions over a period of time to help your puppy to inhibit this natural desire and learn how to behave in the human world.

This private 40-minute session will unlock all the secrets for success.
Consultation Fee:  Online Only - £45 . Book Here

3. Online 3-week Reflex Recall Course - All Ages
Learn how to train a rapid response from your dog.

This 3-week step by step winning training plan teaches you how to create a rapid recall response. It's fun and effective and you'll achieve the best recall, EVER!. Online and live each week with detailed handouts and access to videos for every exercise.

Date: Date Announced Soon @ 6.30 pm   Coming Soon 
Online Only - Any Dog. Any Age. Any Breed.  
Book Here 

4. Transforming Teenage Dogs

Don't just survive - THRIVE through the adolescent phase!

This 6-week step-by-step guide to transforming your adolescent dog will help you to understand how the significant hormonal changes affect your dog's brains and why they can't resist the need to engage in doing more of everything! This course will teach you how to engage your dog in useful activites that develop more responsive, calmer dogs.

Online and live each week with detailed handouts and access to videos for every exercise.

Date: Date Announced Soon @ 6.30 pm   Coming Soon 
Online Only - For 6 months to 2 year old Teenage Dogs 
Book Here 

5. Online Puppy Training Lessons
Live, Online Training with videos and handouts for all exercises.

Developing your own understanding of dogs and practical handling skills isn’t always instinctive and it is therefore important for you to learn how to become a good teacher for your puppy.  Our online puppy training lessons are one-to-one and at a time to suit you.  Contact us for further details at bobs@dogknows.co.uk

The Dogknows difference:

Our puppy coaching encompasses training and support for you and your puppy throughout puppyhood.  We promote only kind, positive and science based training methods.  We continually develop our professional skills and knowledge so we can provide up-to-date knowhow.  Our regular customers benefit from a referral advise help-line.

If you are about to bring a new puppy home, contact us today to find out how we can support you.

Recommended Group Puppy Training Classes

Attending group puppy classes is an excellent way to learn and for your puppy to socialise.  Not all classes are the same and finding one that has a structured teaching approach, with small class size and well qualified trainers is an absolute must.  Fortunately, we already know how good the network of Puppy School Tutors is and therefore recommend you visit: www.puppyschool.co.uk to find your nearest tutor and ensure you have a place for you and your puppy.