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We've been in business for
nearly 20 years.

We only walk dogs in small groups.

We have a happy dog dynamics formula to ensure good freinds walk together.

All our team receive a four
week induction and training programme.

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Want to work with dogs - but don't want the worry of running your own business?

>Dog Walker: What you need to know before you apply 

Above all we want real dog enthusiasts who will enjoy the freedom and fresh air from being active and working outside.  It's a great job and brings good health benefits but we do need you to have some good experience of handling dogs using positive methods.

All of our customers require regular support which means we have a stable level of work to offer and reliability is extremely important - after all, we can't be late for those doggies that depend on us each day!

We have a maximum 4 dog policy and our 'Happy Dog Formula' ensures there are good dynaics between the dogs walked together.

Working with Dogknows tends to suit people who want this kind of work as their main daytime job, Monday to Friday, between the hours of 9.30 am and 3.30 pm.  This shorter day allows the job to fit alongside other life commitments, such as families/school hours or evening work and hobbies.

There is also flexibility to select the number of dog walks that you can commit to each day. Although there are essentially four, one hour walk times between 8 am and 5 pm, we need regular dog walkers to be available for the mid morning and lunch time walks.  Some walkers are happy with one or two walks, others want to walk all day.

We believe in providing excellent training and a full Dogknows induction course is given to all new dog walkers, along with ongoing support.  Althogh the work is offered on a self-employed bases, we offer a team approach.

All dog walkers are required to provide their own suitable transport and have an up-to-date DBS check.

Typically payment is £15 to £25 per dog walk, which covers all expenses.  A dog walker covering two walks each day can expect to earn £1000 per month.

Essential Requirements:
  • Your own suitable vehicle
  • Live locally (to advertised location)
  • Be fit & healthy
  • Happy to work in all weather
  • Available Monday to Friday or the same 3/4 days each week
  • Friendly, professional and caring
  • Organised
  • Good written English
  • Email & Smart Phone (for use of our scheduling App
If you would love to a job working with animals and fit all of the above criteria and you feel you can make a regular commitment to the dogs we care for, we'd really like to hear from you.  Current jobs are listed below.


How To Apply . 

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to contact the manager directly and send your c.v. and details about why you're interested in working with dogs.

Want to open your own Dogknows business? 

The Dogknows Dog Walking & Training Franchise

Visit our dog franchise website

We help dog people trade a routine they are stuck in for a life and business they love.

We are actively recruiting across the UK for suitable candidates who have the skills and ambition to set up and manage their own Dog Care & Training branch of Dogknows.  It's a fantastic franchise opportunity and provides comprehensive training and support so that you learn on the back of our success how to build a dog care business and to deliver our specially tailored Dog Care & Training Plans and become the best in this industry, even becoming an accredited dog trainer with the ABTC - if that's what you want to be.

For full details visit our franchise website at  www.dogknowsfranchise.co.uk