dogknows locations

Dog Care Services

Services available in GreenwichCentral South London as well as Bromley & Croydon &  Windsor / Eton:
  • Puppy 'play & train' visits
  • Puppy socialization walks
  • Group dog walking (max 4 dogs)
  • Pop-in visits
  • House sitting
  • Wedding Day Dog Chaperone

Dogknows Training 

Currently available in Lichfield, Staffordshire only, for:
  • 121 Training Lessons
  • Puppy School - six week training course
  • Puppy 'Best Start' Consultation
  • Puppy Troubles Advisory Consultation

Puppy School Training Classes

We hightly recommend the network of Puppy School Tutors for group training and socialisaiton classes.  For further details please visit

Why not get in touch by sending us an enquiry about the support you need for your dog.