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A well trained team

Our belief is by having the best trained carers in the industry this will allow us to offer you the best service, so that you can enjoy complete peace of mind. That's why we place such importance on developing a knowledge-led team with excellent practical dog handling skills.  

Each Dogknows business is headed up by a dog care specialist that has been trained to replicate the Dogknows services to the hightest standard.   They are passionate about what they do, they own and manage thier business and work closely with Bobs Broadbent, the founder of Dogknows.  Ongoing training and support is always available and Continual Professional Development undertaken.

We also take great pride in our training and development of all our dog walkers and carers.  From the moment our dog carers start their journey with us we help them to further their knowledge through our induction and on-the-job training as well as guide and encourage them in further external qualifications.

So whether a part-time dog walker or a manager and owner of a Dogknows business, you can be confident that every team member is capable, confident and well supported in the role they do.