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At dogknows we appreciate that each new day of a puppy’s life is a learning opportunity and this is indeed the reason behind our puppy care services.

From day one we can offer ‘Play & Train’ visits which will include a uniqe programme that we create in harmony with you for you puppy. As your puppy gets older we introduce ‘Play & Train’ walks to carry on socialisation and help develop all important canine social skills.

So whilst you are following your routine, your puppy benefits from time dedicated to them so when you are back with your dog you can enjoy the health and vitality that positive nurturing can bring.

Regular care

Puppies grow up fast, so regular care and guidance is very important. We will fit in with your schedule and care for your puppy for a minimum of 3 sessions every week to provide the best support and give you complete confidence as well as see great results.

How to start

Simply e-mail us or call us on 07765 863 677 tell us about your puppy so we can start creating the perfect care and training programme for your puppy.

Manager & Owner

Emma Millis


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