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Training your puppy to become a great pet begins from the moment you bring it home. Your puppy will learn from the many different situation it will encounter but developing your own understanding of dogs and practical handling skills isn’t always instinctive and it is therefore important for you to learn how to become a good teacher for your puppy. That’s where dogknows can help.

Learn to train your puppy

At the core of our service is a six week puppy training and socialisation course designed by Gwen Bailey and offered under the Puppy School brand. It's a perfect base and you can begin as soon as your puppy is fully vaccinated.

We enable you to gain real confidence and learn modern, kind training approaches so you can develop a wonderful relationship with your dog and become a kind, competent and responsible owner. We know how much more difficult this can be than you first expect so our training programmes are here to help you each step along the way.

How to enquire and get started:

If you are about to bring a new puppy home and want to sign up to classes, please e-mail info@dogknows.co.uk

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