Get Fit With Your Dog!

If you have noticed your dog has started to put on a few extra pounds then you might be tempted to address this by reducing their food intake when actually it’s your lifestyle and exercise routine that will offer the best benefits.
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Daily Dog's Health Check

Dog’s are a different species and don’t touch, hold and hug as we do so we need to get them used to being handled from an early age and maintain this on a daily basis throughout a dog’s life.  It’s important to go at a dog’s pace and not force them to be handled if they don’t like it; go slowly and gently until your dog is happy to be touched all over.
A dog that is happy to be handled will make a better patient at the vets, when they need to be examined and it helps you to really know the condition of your dog so you understand when things are not right.
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Puppy training & development – Learning though play!

Preparing your puppy to become the pet you have dreamed of begins from the moment you bring your puppy home and every interaction affects how your puppy learns. Developing your own understanding of dogs and practical handling skills isn’t always instinctive and it is therefore important for you to learn how to become a good teacher for your puppy.
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