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At dogknows we understand that each new day of a puppy’s life is a chance to learn something new. This is the reason why we designed our range of puppy care services.

From the first day, we can offer ‘Play & Train’ visits which will include a tailored programme that we create in accordance with you for you puppy. As your puppy gets older we introduce ‘Play & Train’ walks to extend socialisation and help develop all important canine social skills.

So whilst you are following your routine, your puppy benefits from time dedicated to them so when you are back with your dog you can enjoy the health and vitality that positive nurturing can bring.

Regular care

Puppies grow up quickly, so regular care and guidance is all the more important. We will fit in with your schedule and care for your puppy for a minimum of 3 sessions every week to provide the best care and give you complete confidence as well as see great results.

How to start

Simply e-mail us or call us on 07824447306  to tell us about your puppy so we can start creating the perfect care and training programme for your puppy.



"My partner and I picked up our Labrador puppy, Rudy, when he was 7 weeks old.

Being our first dog and managing work life we decided to look around for help on days when we were not going to be home.  Choosing Dogknows was an easy decision as he provided a service to help train, socialise and exercise Rudy, compared to others that offered just a dog walking service.  Within a week we saw real progress with Rudy and his general behaviour around the house. His daily report card is always fun reading. Dogknows has been great with offering advice and Rudy absolutely loves him.  We Would recommend Paul without hesitation and he has made the puppy experience so much easier for us". - dogknows client 2013

Manager & Owner:

Marcio Filho

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