For Dogs

At dogknows we create positive relationships between dogs and their owners by providing dog walking, puppy care and puppy training, so they get the best from life. Our services are currently available in London, Bromley/Croydon, Windsor/Eton, Northampton and Richmond.

Dog walking:

Our dog walking service began in 1999 and was created to compliment an owners lifestyle with a regular daily routine for their dog to enjoy happy outings, proper exercise with carers with whom they can become familiar. 

So, whilst you are following your routine, your dog benefits from time especially for them so when you are back with your dog you can enjoy the health and vitality a dog walk can bring.  Indeed it is a matter of pride that some of the first puppies at dogknows are still enjoying this service today. 

For further information about this service, please see our dog walking page and Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q). To book your dog a great walk, contact us on 01664 454 792 or by email.

Puppy care and Training services:

Our training and educational programmes began in 2003 and over the years, we have helped hundreds of local dog owners to enjoy the rewards of nurturing a young puppy into a happy adult pet. 

Our services vary location to location and include our ‘Play & Train’ puppy care, delivered by one of our puppy socialisers when you can’t be there or private consultations and group puppy training and socialisation lessons that you enrol onto with your puppy. For further information, please see our Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q).

Our puppy care and training services are currently available in London, Bromley/Croydon, Windsor/Eton, Northampton, and Richmond, so why not get in touch with us and help your puppy becoming a great pet!