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For puppies

Bringing a puppy home for the first time is one of those unforgettable memories. The innocence in the eyes is a wonder to behold but as it is for all young, the world is there to be explored and experienced in all its glory. This is all very natural and unlike us, dogs go through puberty, adolescence to maturity very quickly. Growing up so fast requires good guidance from the start to ensure everyday nurturing becomes the foundation for lifelong learning.

Our services

At Dogknows our puppy care and puppy training place kindness at the heart of your dog’s life. Working together with you we equip you with all that you need to help you stay in touch with the changes your puppy is going through, so you can be confident that you and your dog will get the best from each other at all times.

Puppy Care with Training Incorporated

  • Puppy Play & Train Visits & Walks 
  • Puppy Socialisation Walks (transition to group dog walks)


Puppy care

Providing the best care for your puppy, training your puppy and giving you the owner complete confidence, even when you can’t be there yourself. Find out more about our puppy care services.

Puppy training & development

Preparing a puppy to become a great pet isn’t always instinctive and that’s where we can help. Our Puppy training & development programmes are here to enable you to gain real confidence and learn modern, kind training methods.

The Dogknows difference

Our belief is that having the best dog care team in the industry will allow us to offer you the best service and our Puppy Socialisers are chosen for their people-skills as well as their puppy training abilities.  So start your journey with your pet today, whether you need help caring for your puppy when you are following a busy schedule or to book onto a puppy training and socialisation course with your puppy (available in limited locations).

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