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Puppy care

At dogknows we understand that each day of a puppy’s life is a learning opportunity, which is why we offer specially designed puppy care services.

From the day your puppy arrives we can offer a bespoke programme that is created in harmony with you for your puppy. Starting with 'Play & Tran' Visits which can begin from pre-vaccination we gradually move onto  ‘Play & Train’ Outings for puppies upto 6/7 months of age to continue early socialisation and habituation and we tailor the development plan to ensure essential lifelong skills are incorporated into their sessions. Following this, our 'Socialisation Walks' concentrate on developing all important canine social skills with dogs of all ages, so they are ready to enjoy small group dog walks.

So whilst you are following your routine, your puppy benefits from time especially for them so when you are back with your dog you can enjoy the health and vitality that positive nurturing can bring Please see above comments.

Regular care

Puppies grow up fast, so regular guidance and training is all the more important. Our experienced, well trained and friendly team will fit in with your schedule and care for your puppy for a minimum of 3 sessions every week. For further information see our Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) or contact us.

The Dogknows difference

Our belief is that by having the best team in the industry it will allow us to provide the best care for your puppy and give you complete confidence as well as see great results.

How to start

All of our dogknows locations provide ‘Play & Train’ puppy care so why not get in touch and tell us about your puppy so we can create the perfect puppy programme for your puppy. 

Email us here or get in touch with your local dogknows owners using the links below: