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Even if you grew up with dogs in your family, taking on the responsibility for the wellbeing of your dog is a big task. The reward of getting this right is unequalled as your dog will always respond to you unconditionally in good times and bad.
Knowing how to get the best from your dog is not always instinctive and at Dogknows we pride ourselves in our education programmes and bespoke dog care sessions that promote your dogs wellbeing both from a physical and active brain point of view so that we can help bring you and your dog closer together.

Dogknows can be there with you every step of your dog's life.

Dogknows Celebrates 20-year Milestone
During 2020 we celebrated TWENTY PAWSOME YEARS in the dog care industry.

Dogknows opened just as this market sector emerged and has grown alongside the industry. We are immenseley proud to be delivering the same high standard of dog care today and continuing to lead the field.   We wish to thank all our fantastic customers for their loyalty and for putting their trust in us to keep their dogs healthy, happy and safe. 
We are looking ahead to the next decade with excitement!

Why not contact us to find out more about us visiting your dog when you are out at work, even for some advice about your plans to bring a dog into your home?  We look forward to hearing from you whatever your enquiry.