About Us

Dogknows was set up by Bobs Broadbent in 1999 and was one of the first, professional walking businesses in London, indeed, Dogknows has grown side by side with the dog care service sector.  Employing a dog carer is no longer unusual and for many it is an essential first step to owning a dog.

Whilst some dog owners simply require somebody to exercise their well trained and reliable dog, most, nowourdays, depend on a more supportive role from thier dog carer and Dogknows has established prooven sevices that do just that!

For starters, we incorporate everyday dog training into all our outings and train and develop our carers so they have really good practical skills that are underpinned by sound, sceince based dog knowhow. In an unregulated industry, we abide by our own code of conduct to give transparency and trustworthiness.

With our founder an accredited UK Dog Trainer that specialises in puppy training and development we have tailored training programmes that help new puppy owners to nurture their puppies, even when they can't be there themselves.  Training and socialisation helps to develop good lifelong skills and maintains good manners in older dogs, so whatever age and temperament, every dog in our care benefits from our expertise.

Our emphasis is always to put each dog's needs first and to provide an individual approach for the dogs in our care.  If we can always put dogs and their welfare at the centre of what we do, we believe, we will do the best for our dog-ownig-customers too.

Please take a look around our website to learn about us and when you're ready, get in touich with your local Dogknows Care Team.