About Bobs

Bobs Broadbent is the founder of Dogknows having set up the original Dogknows business in South East London in 1999.  
At that time there were very few dog walking services and she looked to the US for inspiration and her plan from the outset was to run a very professional operation.  Her goal was to meet the individual needs of each dog in her care as well as be there to support their owners with busy schedules.   
It became clear to Bobs from the start that as a dog walker she needed to have good training skills and dog behaviour knowledge as it wasn't enough just to love dogs. She wanted to learn how to encourage the timid and control the boisterous and to do so using kind, positive methods. 
Her journey to become an accredited dog trainer was underpinned by her practical skills from working every day with dogs. Qualifying as a Puppy School tutor in 2003 and being accredited by the Association of Pet Dog Trainers in 2006, she had the ability to advise and help dog owners and to lead the way by developing unique and bespoke ideas such the Dogknows Puppy 'Play & Train' visiting service and Puppy Socialisation Walks, from which wonderful results are achieved.
Bobs developed a training programme for dog walkers who joined dogknows to ensure her standards became the model for the business which grew well beyond her initial concept.  Now dogknows represents training as well as dog care and it is a successful business today because it is still true to its roots of meeting individual dog's needs.

Bobs has now upscaled her team-training programme so that she can train people like her who want to follow their heart and work with dogs.  Bobs knows the benefit for clients of working directly with a buisness owner, so helping people to open and manage their own business represents an exciting opportunity for her and Dogknows.
If you want to speak to Bobs about any of the services Dogknows offers or to book a puppy consultation, training class or just for some advice you can reach her at the dogknows office on 01664 454 792 or directly on her mobile on 07867 507 774.