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Bobs Broadbent in an Animal Behaviour and Training Council-registered Dog Training Instructor and a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK.
Bobs has been working in the animal industry for over twenty years, running a successful dog care franchise company alongside her passion of helping dog parents to raise and train their puppies to become happy and well-adjusted adult pet dogs.
Bobs works online nationally with puppy parents to help give their puppy the perfect start and in-person locally, with assistance dog partnerships wishing to complete the Public Access Test.

Bobs will teach you how to give your dog the best in life using the kindness and stress-free methods.

Training Starts at the Pre-vaccination Stage

Don't waste weeks of valuable time. Start your journey as a new puppy parent with Bobs as your guide, right from the beginning. Pre-book for puppy's first week!

All-in-one sure start consultation designed for new puppy parents

Learn the skills your need to be a confident puppy parent from the start. Bobs will teach you about how puppy's learn so you can develop clear communication with your puppy avoiding common mistakes that can creat unwanted behaviour.

This online consultation is perfect for the pre-vaccination stage and includes answers to any question you may have. It's tailored to you and your puppy and includes a FREE Pawsome Puppy E-book.

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Assistance Dog Training with Bobs & Darwin Dogs
Working Towards Becoming A Qualified Assistance Dog

Bobs works with assistance dog partnerships wishing to successfully complete the Public Access Test through Darwin Dogs. This involves regular training sessions to achieve the high level required and to train specific support tasks. Due to the ongoing regularity of training, spaces are limited.

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Puppy Assistance Dog Training 
Help Before and After Bringing Your Puppy Home 

Many people select a puppy knowing they wish them to become a support dogs for a family member and Bobs has developed a Puppy Assistant Dog Programme to help put puppies on the right tract from the beginning so that when they are ready to start training for the Public Access Test, they have the necessary foundations needed to give them the best chance of success.

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