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Preparing Puppies To Become Great Pet Dogs!

Bobs Broadbent is the founder of Dogknows and a qualified Dog Trainer & Behaviour Coach.

Over the past 20 years, she has helped to train hundreds of puppies (and their owners) through her dog training schools in London, Rutland and now, Lichfield.  Bobs is qualified in dog behaviour management and accredited as an Animal Training Instructor with the Animal Behaviour & Training Council as well as a full member of the Association of Pet Dog Trainers UK and is a Darwin Dogs assistance dog trainer.

Bobs will teach you how to give your dog the best in life using the kindness and most stress-free methods.



1. Puppy School 6-week In-Person Course
This course gives all the foundations for lifelong learning

All training is in-person at a venue but should there be any changes to restrictions lifting, all courses will autoatically revert to an onlinel course. At the venue, Covid19 hygiene protocol will be followed and any legal requirements, such as mask wearing will need to be adhered to.

About Puppy School:
This is a 6-week coaching course for puppies upto 20 weeks old.

The course includes a FREE welcome box from Nature's Menu and a printed Puppy School course guidebook, which are sent to you after booking, plus a certificate and rosette at the end of the course. Additional puppy behaviour advice and support is given during Q&A sessions.

The course fee is: £127. Please select the course date below and click on 'book here'.

What you will learn:

  • How to be sociable with humans, children, and other animals
  • Play with toys rather than play biting hands/feet etc
  • Greet people without jumping up
  • Walk on a lead without pulling
  • Accept people near to food bowls, bones and chews
  • Gently take food and not snatch treats
  • Accept handling e.g. for vets and groomers
  • ‘Settle
  • Stay
  • Sit, stand & lie down from voice cue
  • Come when called
  • Plus many more puppy tips.


Select a Puppy School course and Book Your Space Now!                          


Date: Monday 7th June @ 6.00 pm
In-Person, 6 week course - Start straight after full vaccination 

Date: Monday 17th May @ 7.30 pm
In-Person, 6 week course - Start straight after full vaccination  

Date: September Waiting List is Open
In-Person, 6 week course - Start straight after full vaccination 
 E-mail for priority notice to book onto September courses - dates to follow 

2. Online New Puppy Best Start Consultation
The perfect consultation for new and first time puppy parents! 

Understand how your new puppy learns and how you can form positive nurturing habits from the beginning, so you're able to manage common puppy troubles that every puppy parent faces.

This 90-minute consultation + Q&A is tailored to you and your puppy and includes a FREE E-book.

After booking your place, you will be sent details of our online puppy training room and further information about what to expect at the ONLINE Consultation.

Consultation Fee: £137. Book Here
Enquire about a 30% discount on Puppy School fee (=£88.90) when booking a place at Puppy School at the same time as this consultation.

3. How To Manage Play Biting - Online Consultation
Essential help for new and first time puppy parents! 

Play biting is a natural behaviour which your puppy will think is acceptable unless taught otherwise. This doesn't happen overnight but takes a series of consistent actions over a period of time to help your puppy to inhibit this natural desire and learn how to behave in the human world.

This 50-minute session will throw light on all the ways you can best help your puppy. Consultation Fee: £60 Book Here

4. Online Reflex Recall Workshop
Learn how to train a rapid response from your dog.

This 3-week step by step winning training plan teaches you how to create a rapid recall response. It's fun and effective and you'll achieve the best recall, EVER!. Online and live each week with detailed handouts and access to videos for every exercise.

Date: Date Announced Soon @ 6.30 pm   Coming Soon 
Online Only - Any Dog. Any Age. Any Breed.  
Book Here 

5. Online Scent & Sensibilty - Dogknows Sniffer Nose 

Learn the foundations and unlock the power of your dog's nose.

This 6-week step by step course is as enjoyable as it is enlightening. Lean how the professionals train their dogs to put their noses to work, sniffing out hidden contraband. Online and live each week with detailed handouts and access to videos for every exercise.

Date: Date Announced Soon @ 6.30 pm   Coming Soon 
Online Only - Any Dog. Any Age. Any Breed.  
Book Here 

To discuss any services, please e-mail Bobs - bobs@dogknows.co.uk


Bobs Broadbent AdipCBM



Puppy Training Offered:

  • Puppy School, 6-week Training & Socialisation Course.
Online Consultations/Courses:
  • 90-minute Best Start
  • 60-minute Play Biting
  • 6-week Puppy School
  • 3-week Reflex Recall Workshop (All ages)
  • 3-week Loose Lead Walking Workshop

Locations covered:
Cannock Chase
Little Wyrley
Sutton Coldfield


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